About OpenDPS

OpenDPS is a free, open source (GPL) web-based DIAMETER provisioning system. Provisioning, in this context, is the process of equipping related tools and products with necessary information to support DIAMETER protocol and required DIAMETER applications. The information, which describes protocol such as data types and message structures (protocol dictionary), is often extracted from the relevant DIAMETER standards (RFC) and technical specifications (TS).

In OpenDPS, several open source solutions have been selected to develop the system: MySQL database, Apache web server and PHP programming language. The architecture is described in Figure 1.

Figure 1: OpenDPS Architecture

  • User-friendly: Web-based + AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML).
  • Scalable & Extensible: Allowing new applications definition, new messages within the given application, new export functions development etc.
  • Free of use: Users (e.g. engineers, academicians) can use this tool to assist their researches and works.


Figure 2: OpenDPS GUI

OpenDPS is free. However, if you just want to say “thank you”, you should contribute your results to the project (e.g. new specific dictionary files, new export modules) as other users can take benefit from your works.
You can download the current results from SourceForge.

Please send any comments and bug reports to tran@mailbox.tu-berlin.de

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